Important Dates 2020

MAY 11th (Monday)
Artists can begin plein air painting at their leisure!  Paint anywhere you can. Stay safe and socially distanced!

JUNE 27th (Friday)
Painting submission deadline (3 paintings per artist).  Follow the submission guidelines to submit your works to the juried show.

JULY 8th (Wednesday)
Juried selections announced via email.

JULY 27th (Monday)
Deadline to drop off/ship selected paintings to The Rice Gallery of Fine Art.

JULY 31st (Friday)
Opening night of the Stems Plein Air Juried Show at The Rice Gallery of Fine Art.  Judging results are also scheduled to be announced. *The Rice Gallery of Fine Art reserves the right to adjust/reschedule the opening date of the exhibition with regard to social distancing guidelines and public health protocols related to Covid-19.

AUGUST 8th (Saturday)
Selected works will be for sale in the Stems: A Garden Soirée sales tent!

More dates will be posted as we near the submission deadline and as we learn more about our local public health guidelines.